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Watson's Brownlow safe...for now

  • Watson's Brownlow safe...for now

The AFL Commission has announced a number of changes for the Bombers and other teams affected by the CAS hearing heading into next season.

- Essendon will be allowed to upgrade all their rookies to their senior list. Gach Nyuon, Anthony McDonald-Tipungwuti, Tom Wallis, Conor McKenna and Will Hams.

- Essendon will be able to make up to ten signings of "top-up" players for the 2016 season.

- The contracts of the suspended players at the Bombers will remain inside the salary cap

- However, the AFL will allow extra cap room to pay the top up players for 2016.

- Melbourne, St Kilda, Port Adelaide and Western Bulldogs will be able to immediately upgrade a rookie to their senior list.

- Jobe Watson's Brownlow Medal will be reviewed in February, with Watson given the opportunity to address the commission.

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