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"Jobe may have played his last game": Tim Watson

  • "Jobe may have played his last game": Tim Watson

Essendon legend and father of current captain, Jobe, Tim Watson says his son may have just played his last game of AFL football, after yesterday's CAS verdict banned the "Essendon 34" for 12 months.

Tim Watson says he will never be able accept that his son is now offically branded a "drug cheat".

Watson says Jobe, and the rest of the "Essendon 34" have been stunned by the severity of their ban and were not prepared to be spending 2016 on the sidelines.

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"No, I don't [think that he is a drug cheat] and never will," he said. "I know in Jobe's heart he doesn't believe he's a cheat, either," he said on SEN radio on Wednesday morning.

"This is troubling and it's painful, but I think long-term he'll sleep comfortably with the knowledge that he didn't set out to be part of any program which administered banned substances."

Watson missed close to half the season in 2015 and with the Bombers captain missing the entire 2016 season, Watson says he has had the retirement chat with Jobe, but it'll no doubt be on his mind.

"I haven't had that [retirement] discussion with him, but at this time next year he'll be 32 years of age. I don't know what toll this will take on him, how he'll view the world, how he'll view playing football, what place that will play in his life," Watson said

"I really don't know. It's pure speculation. But I guess there's always that possibility, not just for him, but for other players as well."

"He was shocked by that decision yesterday, as they all were," he said. "Generally, when you're confronted by something you do have a contingency plan, you have thoughts about what you're going to do, but they never thought this was going to happen. They never thought there would be this severity of penalty."

Jobe Watson has another important meeting to follow, with the 2012 Brownlow Medallist set to face the AFL Commission next month, in a bid to keep the Brownlow Medal, which is now under review.

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