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Slattery banned despite no injections

  • Slattery banned despite no injections

Former Essendon defender Henry Slattery has been left devastated by the CAS decision to ban him and 33 of his team-mates from the 2012 season.

Slattery, who played 96 games for the Bombers, was hoping to make his way as a coach this season for the Nurioopta Football Club, but that was all taken away from him on Tuesday.

However, the strangest fact about this matter is that it has been reported that Slattery never took part in the club's injection program and still found himself banned by the CAS decision.

“It has played on his mind the two years I have known him,” Nurioopta Football Club president Chris Linke told The Advertiser.

“I spoke to him at 8am and he was OK but by 3pm he was hurting. You can see in the way he talks. Henry didn’t expect the 12 month ban. He has been labelled a drug cheat.

“In country footy, he could walk past opposition supporters and they give it to you. It’s not Collingwood fans but probably more personal.”

Linke added that he believes while all 34 are affected, they 17 that are outside the AFL system are doing it tougher due to not being in the system.

“The ramifications for the 17 not in the AFL are bigger. Those still playing could get left looked after in any lawsuit against Essendon but those outside the system could get little or nothing,” said Linke.

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