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BJ's manager says criticism of Dons captain is "stupid"

  • BJ's manager says criticism of Dons captain is "stupid"

    MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA - APRIL 02: Brendon Goddard of the Bombers leads his team out onto the field during the round two AFL match between the Essendon Bombers and the Melbourne Demons at the Melbourne Cricket Ground on April 2, 2016 in Melbourne, Australia. (Photo by Quinn Rooney/Getty Images)

Manager of Essendon captain Brendon Goddard, former Collingwood defender Craig Kelly says the criticism of the 30 year old is "stupid"

Goddard was appointed captain by his peers after the club was dealt with the blow of losing Jobe Watson and 11 others due to the verdict handed down by the CAS on January 12. 

While the Bombers skipper isn't playing to his utmost best, he is still averaging 25 disposals per match, but that hasn't stopped the criticism, from both within the media and club supporters.

Speaking to Kelly took a fair swipe and what we can only imagine at former Melbourne forward David Schwarz.

"I read with interest some genius had a crack at 'BJ' (Goddard) the other day about his form," Kelly said. 

"People need to understand that in the role he plays he needs some support around him, as do others in the team.

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"At the moment, there's not the right support there to get the ball to a young forward like Joe Daniher to give him a chance to compete. He needs more support, but so too does a very experienced veteran of the game like Brendon. 

"Everyone needs to understand the massive impact this has had on the bookends of the club – the young and the old.

"No one's ever had to do this before. So the criticism of BJ is nothing more than stupid comments made from outside the inner sanctum." 

Since crossing from the Saints at the end of the 2012 season, Goddard has been constantly asked as to whether he regrets his decision on joining the Bombers, which he continues to refuse.

Goddard comes out of contract at the end of the season and from all reports from Kelly, he is keen to play on at the Bombers.

"BJ is super keen to get through to the other end of this. He wants to stay there and see the thing through," Kelly said. 

"He did not go to Essendon for the money. He went there because he saw an opportunity with where the team was heading. 

"Now he's carried more of a load since he's been there than some that are no longer there. 

"I can't applaud him enough for that." 

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